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Because we are a small truck box manufacturer, we know the difference between quality and mass production.
We are located in the Midwest (in the heart of South Dakota), and we believe in the authenticity and reliability of hands-on personal workmanship.
We take pride in the originality of our truck boxes.
How a box fits in a truck bed or semi, how a box fulfills a customers' wants and needs, and making a product that takes a beating year after year. These are things that matter to us as we strive to build a better truck box.......not for the masses, but for you as a hard working individual.
We believe our customer service is second to none, as we endeavor to make all our customers happy and satisfied while using their box.
We are born fabricators, bringing the spirit and creativity of our nonconformist life straight to the floor of our homegrown workplace.
We are no run-of-the-mill or generic truck box manufacturer, and we are not indifferent to the hard work you put in, in order to buy a box from us.
We build custom handcrafted truck boxes that are designed to fit snuggly and have compartments and drawers that slide open with ease.
Because we live in the harsh conditions of South Dakota, we know the importance of building a better truck box.
We test our boxes in the very conditions we live in. From hail, rain, sleet or snow, our boxes can take the brutal drumming that Mother Nature throws upon on us. We know that all your tools and equipment will be safe and protected in our original and exclusive heavy duty truck boxes.
We build one box at a time. Boxes that are symbolic of the hard work and pride we put into them, and the excellence you demand from them.

Whether you drive a pickup truck, semi truck, or pull a trailer behind you, you will need a reliable and heavy duty box for the safe keeping of your equipment and tools.
Do you want a rough, tough and long lasting box, or do you want an off-the-shelf box? You decide, and let us know.

Give us a call at 1-888-996-0376, or contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.
If you already have an idea of your box needs, including measurements etc., then you can make a request for a no obligation price quote from us.
Visit our home page to see a quick view of the truck boxes available from us.
You can also take a look at our online catalog.
Learn more about our truck box company.


Please call 1-888-996-0376 or
e-mail us for pricing and available sizes
and/or to place an order.

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