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Semi Truck and Trailer Boxes and Toolboxes

Made in the USA

Toolboxes & Storage Boxes for Pickup Trucks, Semi's & Trailers

Made in the USA

Built Heavy Duty Using Good Ol' Fashioned Craftsmanship and Expertise

We have been making durable and quality toolboxes since 1990.
Our work site is located in the heartland of the USA in North Dakota, where the people breathe free and the work ethic is strong.
We believe in America and are proud to manufacture our boxes right here in this country.
We are a spirited small business that believes in making, manufacturing, and selling our products to the good people of America.
Are you aware that most people prefer to buy American? According to Consumer Reports, over 60% of Americans are willing to pay 10% more for goods made here in the United States than elsewhere.
That says it all.

Reasons to buy products made in the USA

Saves Jobs
Best Quality
Makes Our Economy Stronger
Keeps Your Money Here in the USA
Promotes American Independence
Better Working Conditions
Better for the Environment - Because the U.S. has more regulations than other countries, our carbon footprint is smaller. This means less pollution for the whole world.

We all know that when products are made here, they are of better quality. We care about the way we make our storage boxes and toolboxes, and you do too.
When you buy from us, you know that you will be getting a toolbox that will last for a lifetime, and take the abuse that any hard working contractor, service person, farmer or individual can dish out.
That's why we are proud to say to our customers that we build heavy duty boxes to last for the long run.

Have any questions? Give us a call at 1-888-996-0376, or contact us.


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