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Toolboxes on Truck Bed

Thank you so much I think the truck looks great! Heavy boxes. Built tough though. I still have the catalog I'm going to pick out one more Box that I can put in between my upright boxes against the headache rack something like a cross bed Box. Thanks again!!


Toolboxes on Truck Bed

I would like to let you and your company know that the product you are putting on the market is outstanding. We have most of our fleet of 40 trucks outfitted with different styles of your equipment and it works wonderfully. We are not the kind of company that is typically on pavement or even surfaces. We are a commercial plumbing and utility company that sees its share of horrid terrane, especially in inclement weather. I’m not sure how large or small your company is but we at H&H love the little guy. We are a local company that out grew our shoes long before we realized, and we still maintain the good ol boy, small town charm that keeps employees for 30 plus years.

Thanks again for the AMERICAN built products and thank you for the outstanding quality.

H&H Plumbing & Utilities

I hope you are well. We received the boxes and began mounting them. They look great! Thank you. I put the check in the mail, yesterday.
We appreciate the quality product you fabricated for our working fleet.
Have a wonderful day.

Dennis Paiva
Plumb Right

We're having Hofer Fire Stuff make us another Grass Rig so we'll be getting more tool boxes from you. I think Duane has spoken to you and gotten a quote. We really like the boxes. Very good workmanship! Keep up the good work.

Glenn Sealey
Fire Chief, Colome VFD
Colome, SD

This is Mark Kunz, this may seem a little unorthodox, but I am writing this e-mail to thank you for building such a durable product. About a month or so ago I was driving a company truck to a jobsite towing a 32-foot gooseneck trailer, when I encountered some black ice. As this was the first time ever for me (I am from Arizona, working in North Dakota) I was unable to control the truck and eventually ended up in the ditch. You may be wondering why I am going on about a little accident. Well, I believe that had my boss purchased any other type of tool box besides the one he purchased from you, I would not be writing this at all. I believe your tool box saved my life, for it was the tool box that the gooseneck actually hooked on to stop it, so Thank you again.

You can believe that I will only recommend one type of tool box from now on and thank you again for your time and wonderful product.

Mark Kunz

I received our boxes yesterday and just wanted to say I am extremely happy with them. They are very well built and were worth the wait. We will be ordering more in the future.

Rick Kaika
Durham Fence & Guardrail

Hey Tamara,
Hope all is well with you guys. I’m still working on the Land Rover trying to get it ready to see the world. All the Covid closure have kinda put a hold on the traveling so I’m just taking my time. I did finely find time to get up to Billings this week and install the tool boxes. I must say your product is hands down some of the best I’ve delt with. Amazing craftsmanship and we will definitely be recommending you as well as doing business in the future.
Here are a couple in progress photos.

Ben Steiner
Casper, Wy

Truck Box on Range Rover 1

Toolbox on Range Rover 2

Truck Box on Range Rover 3

Truck Box on Range Rover 4

Truck Box on Range Rover - Before

Just wanted to say thanks to you guys for the awesome custom box, it's a perfect fit.

Jonah Vaughan

Custom Toolbox

The custom box arrived Thursday last week, and I installed it in the boat this weekend. I included a few pics of it installed. You'll see how the customized height matches the casting deck, and functions as wrap around additional seating.
The box arrived wrapped incredibly well. 4 layers I think.
There are dozens of small items needed on a boat. This box will keep everything neat and tidy, opposed to several plastic totes/boxes all over the place. It was worth the wait.

Jim Urso

Custom Toolbox Custom Toolbox
Custom Toolbox

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