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Storage Bins for Parts, Small Tools, Tool Accessories

We know how important and necessary it is to have all your small tools and related accessories available to you in a known and central place.
Nothing is more frustrating than searching for that part or small tool and not being able to find it.
Make it easier on yourself and buy one of our heavy duty storage bins!
They are made of heavy duty galvanized steel and are water resistant.
These storage bins are great for storing small tools, service parts, and tool accessories and are a cool way to organize your boxes of nails, screws, bolts and washers too.
Whether you have a professional shop, warehouse or service center, or if you have a garage at your home, these quality and toughly built storage bins will last you a lifetime.
They will not only keep you organized, but they also look great, and are made by us in our own facility using strict quality control measures and state of the art 3-D modeling.

Our storage bins are available in different sizes too!

Parts Storage Bins
Parts Storage Bins


  • Made of Galvanized Steel
  • Hemmed Front Edges
  • Easily Assembled
  • Compartment Number Labels included
  • Part Labels available by request
  • Powder Coat (optional)

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