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Skinny boxes for pickup trucks, trailers, flatbeds, and semi tractors

We provide many different styles of toolboxes. One of our favorite styles is our skinny or slim style toolboxes. Built for everyday use for pickup truck beds, trailers, flatbeds, and semi's, our heavy duty toolboxes come with a variety of features and finishes. You can choose from our colorful collection of boxes to fit any slim design you require, or you can have us custom build a toolbox or storage box that fits any dimension you need. If you are looking for a specific color, we can probably match that too. Our toolboxes come in diamond plate, aluminum, steel, powder coated and more. So if you're in the market for a slim toolbox, or you need a more skinny style box for a certain application, we can provide it for you.

Some of our slim design or short design toolboxes include:

Top Chest Slim Design Boxes - This unique storage box can be used on your pickup truck box, flatbed or trailer. These boxes are great for storing just about anything including your tools, equipment and gear. It is especially known for its uncommon slim design.
Engineered aluminum or steel powder coated with all corners seam welded. Includes a full length hinge made of stainless steel. Other features include a flush back, channel braced reinforced lid, lockable latches, adjustable lock, and weather seals to guard against extreme conditions.

Slim Toolboxes

Steel Chest Toolbox - Install these babies up against a pickup truck box, a flat bed, or any type of trailer. They will save you a ton of space in your truck bed or trailer, because they are so unobtrusive and slim. Storage for a wide variety of tools, equipment or gear including traveling bags or tie-down gear.
Available in both aluminum and steel powder-coated finish with one or two top opening lids, and also a lift handle locking system.

Multipurpose Steel Chest Toolboxes

Cargo Toolboxes - This box is more long than slim, but we feel its part of the slim category because of its unique size, made especially for certain areas and spaces. Can be mounted crossways if your application calls for it. Includes openings on both ends of the box.
Available in a plethora of finishes including marine grade smooth and bright aluminum with diamond tread doors, smooth aluminum, stainless steel, and also with a powder coat finish.

Cargo Toolboxes

Hunting Gear Cabinets - Perfect storage for any hunting and fishing gear including fishing rods and long guns. Use it in a cabin or in your home. Wall mounted or stand alone.
Steel or aluminum with optional powder coat, full length stainless steel hinge, T-handle latch, seam welded, with heavy duty shelves. Can also be custom ordered.

Hunting Gear Cabinet

Rack Toolboxes for Semi Tractors - The trucker will appreciate this slim and beautiful storage box for semi's. Can be mounted behind the semi tractor cab. Keep your tire chains in this unique rack system. Includes storage space for miscellaneous items including tarp straps, bolts, pins and various tools.
Available with an aluminum body and a variety of door finishes including stainless steel, smooth aluminum, or diamond plate. Side opening doors with a t-handle lock.

Rack Toolboxes

In-Frame Toolboxes for Semi Trucks - Also for the trucker these slim toolboxes are made to be fitted in the frame of any semi truck. Mounted behind the cab, they are heavy duty and are fine to be stepped or stood on.
Available in a bright smooth aluminum body and diamond tread lid. Includes a t-handle or padlock lock.

semi truck in-frame tool box

All our boxes are made using:
-CAD (Computer Aided Design) software for a 3-D model
-Precision laser cutting
-State-of-the-art welding
-Raw materials include high grade steel, aluminum, and diamond plate
-Strong powder coating and baking
-Boxes are available in a variety of colors (ask us about your specific color)

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