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Pickup Truck & Semi Truck Resources

Pickup Truck Resources

Just what is a pickup truck anyway? Wikipedia.
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Semi Truck Resources

Just what is a Semi-Trailer Truck, 18 Wheeler or Big Rig anyway? Wikipedia.
Semi Truck Manufacturers from Logistics List.
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Why is it called a Semi? Stack Exchange.
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Trucker Talk - trucker lingo explained at A Truckers Wife.

Here at American Truckboxes, our boxes come in metal, aluminum, diamond plate, and powder coated.
Have a specific color in mind for your toolbox? We can make it work!

Give us a call at 1-888-996-0376, or contact us. If you already have an idea of your box needs, including measurements etc., then you can make a request for a no obligation price quote from us.


Please call 1-888-996-0376 or
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