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Semi-Truck Chain Rack - Open

Make sure your snow chains are easily accessible!

When it comes to blizzards and snow storms, a trucker needs all the help he or she can get when managing slippery and icy roads.
Steep grades can make the conditions even worse.
You have enough to think about without worrying about untangling your snow chains or remembering where you last stored them.
These handy semi-truck chain hangers will keep your tire chains safe, dry, and easily accessible for quick and painless removal.
Not only that, but our chain racks include extra shelves for storing the accessories you will need for installing your chains.

Our chain racks are designed to be mounted behind the semi-tractor or cab and are available in standard or custom sizes.
We also have several different styles to choose from including diamond plate, stainless steel or mirrored aluminum.

Semi-Truck Chain Rack -Open with Chains
Diamond Tread Semi-Truck Chain Rack

Chain Rack Hanger Features
High Quality - Heavy Duty
Includes Shelves for Storing Bolts, Pins, Tie-down Straps etc.
Diamond Plate, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Finish
Clamp-on I-beam or C-channel Mounting System
Side Opening Doors
Fully Sealed Weather Stripping
T-handle Locking System

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