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Deck Plate

Deck Plate (Mounted)
Mounted Deck Plate

Semi Deck Plates with LED Lights & Diamond Plate Tread

If you are an OTR trucker then you realize the importance of having the right tools and the best equipment available to you at all times.
This becomes especially significant when you are on the road in unpleasant weather.
Gaining access to the top of your semi-tractor or semi-cab in order to disconnect trailer hoses or connectors, or just to reach the roof of your rig for any reason, becomes paramount in slippery conditions such as rain, sleet or snow.
The chances of having a slip and fall accident also increases in the dark. That's why our deck plates come equipped with LED lights, if you want them.
Another interesting and important feature of our deck plates is the reinforced cross bars on the bottom, giving the deck extra strength.
You won't need to worry about the endurance of our deck plates either, as they are made with engineered aluminum for the utmost in safety while on the road.
The diamond plate tread helps keep the surface less slippery, and it also helps with making your rig that much cooler looking.

Deck Plate Features
High Quality
Made with engineered aluminum
LED lights (lamps)
Welded seams and corners
Reinforced decking supports
Easy clamp mounting

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