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Although our expertise is manufacturing toolboxes for pickup trucks, trailers, and semi tractors, we also manufacture a plethora of other helpful items for the construction, trucking, serviceman, and agriculture industries including our light-weight engineered aluminum reels.
Our reels are built heavy duty, and are made to take the rugged and daily use and beating by the average hard working man and woman.
Specifically made for easy and efficient coiling, these reels can be affixed to any type of structural tubing, PVC tubing, or inside a box or any surface while using an appropriate mounting bracket.

Welding Cord Reel

AlumaReel Welding Cord Reel

The welding cord reel is equipped with both power and amp control modules for easy control of welder settings.
Read more about our welding cord reel.

Remote Welder Reel Control
AlumaReel Remote Welder Control

A 'Remote Welder Control' is available for mobile welding; the amperage and voltage knobs being easily accessed for quick and easy control.
Read more about our remote welding control.

Electric Cord Reel

AlumaReel Electric Cord Reel

The electric cord reel comes equipped with PVC and nylon isolation for electric shock protection.
Read more about our electric cord reel.

Oxygen-Aceteylene Hose Reel

AlumaReel Oxygen-Acetylene Hose Reel

The oxygen and acetylene reel has dual hose entry access for the safe and continuous flow of proper gas and oxygen distribution.
Read more about our oxygen and acetylene reel.

Propane Hose Reel

AlumaReel Propane Hose Reel

The propane reel provides easy hose connection, and the correct fittings are provided. Perfect for vapor or liquid propane gas distribution and designed for continuous flow. Read more about our propane hose reel.

Air Hose Reel

AlumaReel Air Hose Reel

The air hose reel comes equipped with a super-easy hose connection approach, NPT fittings, and full port entry for air distribution and continuous air flow.
Read more about our air hose reel.

All reels come standard with ball bearings on all rotating parts, precision engineered and designed for zero wear, smooth hand rewind, and easy cable hookup.

All reels have optional features available including a durable powder coat finish, left or right handle mounts, security covers (with padlock included), mounting kits, plates, and brackets, and also a remote control for distant winding and unwinding.

See the full and informative page about our reels.
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