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Winter Panel Storage Box for Livestock Trailers

Available in Diamond Plate, Aluminum or Mirror Finish

Panel Storage Box for Livestock Trailer

Keep the dirt and road grime off of your livestock trailer winter panels!

As a trucker you know that getting the cargo safely to its destination is of upmost importance. It's your livelihood after all.
If you are a livestock hauler, the significance of keeping livestock insulated from the brutal weather that winter brings as you roll down the road cannot be overstated.
You not only want to get the freight there on time and alive, but you don't want the livestock such as cows and pigs to suffer needlessly.
That's why OTR truckers use panels, to help insulate livestock from the cold.
In order to do this, a trucker can utilize panels that close the air holes, thus keeping animals safe in the winter.
The panels can be stored on the trailer, but they are susceptible to the muck and filth from driving on the road.
As a livestock trucker, it's important to keep your equipment clean and free from the mess that the road naturally brings.

Panel Storage Boxes
Panel Storage Boxes

Panel Storage Box Features
High Quality - Heavy Duty
Door on Each End of Box
Flush Bottom for Easy Cleaning
Welded Seams
Gusseted Corners
Fully Sealed Weather Stripping
Stainless Steel Hardware
T-handle Locking System

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