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Heavy duty boxes for Hunters

One of the most important things that hunters need to consider is how to keep their valuable hunting gear and equipment safe, dry, and secure.
Forgetting this important aspect to hunting and your sizable investment can be ruined or devalued after only a day of hunting.
Since we ourselves are hunters, we know what it takes to build a quality resilient and 'hard as nails' box for your gear, and for your hunting dog too.

A top notch hunting cabinet or box for your gear is paramount. Think of all the equipment you can store including hunting supplies and accessories like rifles, tents, rain gear, archery equipment, game calls, fishing gear, camping tools, tree stand, decoys, trapping equipment, hunting packs, first aid kit, trail camera, knives, tools and much, much more.
Don't be left without the hunting gear you'll need on your next trip!

Hunting Gear & Equipment

All our hunting boxes are made by outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy and use them for hunting.

Pro-Hunter Boxes - Storage boxes for hunting gear, equipment, tools and any personal belongings. Also can be used as a bench to sit on while relaxing in the woods or waiting for your prey.
This heavy duty gear equipment box comes in a variety of sizes and can also be custom ordered to fit any specifications you require. All our boxes are designed and built to keep your gear organized and safe.
Engineered aluminum construction with optional powder coat finish. Features include seam welded, stainless steel latches, and premium weather seals. Designed and built to take punishing weather and abuse.

Hunting Gear Equipment Box
Hunting Gear Equipment Box

Hunting Gear Cabinets - Store your hunting gear, fishing gear, and guns. Great for the cabin or home, this heavy duty hunting gear cabinet can be wall mounted or stand alone. Features include steel or aluminum construction with optional powder coat, seam welded, stainless steel full length hinge, braced doors, T-handle latch (also stainless steel), and durable shelves. Can be custom ordered to fit your specific requirements.

Hunting Gear Cabinet

Hunting Dog Boxes - Heavy duty dog crates with aluminum diamond plate finish for an awesome look. These unique dog crates include air vents and a floor mat for your dog's comfort and well-being. T-handle locking system with side opening doors.

Dog Boxes

Our boxes are made using:
-CAD (Computer Aided Design) software for a 3-D model
-Precision laser cutting
-State-of-the-art welding
-Raw materials include high grade steel, aluminum, and diamond plate
-Strong powder coating and baking
-Boxes are available in a variety of colors (ask us about your specific color)

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