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Gull Wing Truck Box

Installed on Pickup Truck Beds & Trailers

Gull Wing Chest Truck Box

Truck Box with 2 Top Opening Lids

The term 'gull wing' comes from the look of two wings on a bird while in flight. That's basically what the top of our durable and tough gull wing chest boxes look like when the two doors are opened.
This allows easy access to your gear, tools and equipment when you need it fast.
Whether you are a contractor, farmer, rancher, service worker, or an individual who needs a heavy duty storage box while on the road or on the job, these sleek and robust toolboxes will do the trick.
They are built to take any kind of weather and to last through the years of abuse it will surely find itself in.
We build them to take the punishment, and we build them to last.
We always have safety in mind. That's why these truck boxes are made with a durable locking system on each of the double lids.
All seams and corners are fully welded, and they are built to keep the weather out.

We offer several styles and types of gull wing truck boxes to choose from, so you know you'll get the look you want.

Welded Corners
Welded Seams
Stainless Steel Continuous Hinges on Lid
Gas Spring Lids
Stainless Steel Latch for Security
Weather Sealed Sliding Tray

Available in:
Diamond Plate
Powder Coat

Fits on any type of trailer including:
Gooseneck trailers
Cargo trailers
Tilt Deck trailers
A-frame trailers
Flatbed trailers
Livestock trailers
Horse trailers
Utility trailers

We've been manufacturing truck boxes since 1990!

Have any questions? Give us a call at 1-888-996-0376, or contact us.

Gull Wing Truck Box - Powder Coat

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