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Gear Cabinets for Fishing, Hunting, Scuba Diving

Heavy Duty Gear Storage for the Outdoorsman!

If you're an avid outdoorsman or outdoorswoman, then you know the importance of having a heavy duty and robust cabinet to store all your important gear.
Hunters need to store their guns in a secure and well-built cabinet that they know will keep handguns and long guns safe from small family members, or from people with ill intentions. Hunters also need storage for ammunition, bow and arrows, clothing, and more.
People who love to fish will love this tenacious gear cabinet for both its look, and its durability. Great storage for fishing gear such as poles, tackle boxes, waders and just about everything associated with fishing. If you happen to be into scuba diving, then this cabinet will keep all your gear safe including oxygen tanks and various scuba gear.

Hunting Gear Cabinet

This gear cabinet includes a full length locking system on the door. One side of the cabinet has shelves, and the other side is open so you can properly and safely store your rifles and long guns, fishing poles, and oxygen tanks. If you prefer a nice powder coat, or have a specific color in mind for the inside of the cabinet, let us know and we can most likely do it. The diamond-tread pattern gives the cabinet a very unique and spunky look, and will go great with just about any decor you have in your home, cabin or garage.


  • Engineered Aluminum/Steel
  • Completely Seam Welded
  • Steel Hinge on full length of Door
  • Strong Reinforced Door
  • Lockable Latch (3-point locking system)
  • Durable Shelves
  • Mounted on wall or stand alone
  • Durable Powder Coat is optional

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