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If you're a farmer, you know the importance of having enough storage space on your tractor, combine or any pickup truck you use around the property. Whether it's checking the fence line or ploughing up the field, it's important to know you'll have the tools and equipment needed for a quick fix in the middle of a workday, or in the middle of nowhere on the back forty.
Our farm toolboxes can (and will) come in handy when you need that special bolt or screw. What if a brace or part of the tractor busts?
It would be nice to have a mini torch and welding accessories on board. Everything from wire to a tin snips tool will be required somewhere down the line.
Any kind of hand tool, small tractor parts, or even a place to store a sandwich would be more than convenient at times.

Whatever tool you think you may need, and whatever accessory or equipment you think would be smart to take along, would be paramount to saving you time on the farm.
Who wants to walk all the way back to the barn or storage shed for that tool or piece of equipment? Having a screwdriver is great, but having a whole set of them would be even better.
Storing personal gear like sunglasses, a raincoat, or even suntan lotion would certainly be an asset on the farm.

Our farm boxes and toolboxes are made heavy duty tough. They come in a variety of sizes, and we can even custom make one for you if you have a certain place you want to put it on your tractor, combine or truck.

Farm Toolbox - Closed Farm Toolbox - Open

Our boxes are made with:
-Engineered steel or aluminum construction
-Seam welded on all seams and corners
-Brass bushing grease-able hinges
-Reinforced door
-Stainless steel latch with push button
-Adjustable lock striker
-Superior weather seal
-Drawers with heavy duty slides
-Adjustable dividers
-Powder coated finish (steel models)

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