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Multipurpose Aluminum Chest Toolboxes
Multipurpose Chest Truck Box & Toolbox - AFB24 Series
Aluminum with Bright Diamond Tread Finish
Multipurpose Steel Chest Toolboxes
Multipurpose Chest Truck Box & Toolbox - SFB24 Series
Steel Powder Coated Finish

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Our multipurpose chest truck boxes and toolboxes are designed heavy duty with heavy steel and high quality components. They are ideal for installing up against a pickup box or on a flatbed truck or trailer, making an ideal on-the-spot miscellaneous storage box.

Our heavy duty multipurpose chest toolboxes are available in both aluminum and steel powder-coated finishes. They have one or more top opening lids and feature a lift handle locking system.

Chest truck boxes are designed to carry all your miscellaneous tools, hitching and unhitching tools, and cargo like hitch balls, wood blocks, safety chains, light hookup connectors, lift jacks, box wrenches, crowbars, cargo tie-down gear, and even your travelling bags.

Reference Documents:

Multipurpose Aluminum Chest Toolboxes
Aluminum chest truck box & toolbox with double lid
Multipurpose Steel Chest Toolboxes
Steel chest truck box & toolbox with single lid
Steel multipurpose chest toolbox with double lids
Double lid chest toolbox in
steel powder coated finish
Steel Multipurpose Chest Toolboxes
Steel multipurpose chest truck box & toolbox
mounted in pickup truck bed
Aluminum Multipurpose Chest Tool Box
Aluminum chest tooolbox & truck box
mounted in pickup truck bed
Steel Double Lid Chest Toolbox
Steel chest toolbox with double lids
mounted in pickup truck bed
Chest Toolbox with Hinge Offset
Chest toolbox end view with hinge offset
and optional carrying handle

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