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Door Frame Kit

Use our door frame kit when building your own box, or for any access area

We think we have come up with a unique way of improving the limited space available to you in a plethora of different applications.
Putting on a door - whether it be a top door or a side door, we know that utilizing an 'as before unseen' access point will help open up unused spaces, and also custom made boxes, to an unsurpassed and ideal way of entrance.
Start thinking of the limitless applications and uses for our doors, and already the brain starts to dream of using them in unobvious and uncommon ways.

Here are a few instances when using a door frame would be exclusively helpful:
Building Your Own Box - Use our unique and individual door frames for your own special sized box. You can build the box to your own specs, be it made of metal, wood, plastic etc., and we supply the door!
Access Panel - Use our door frames as an access to any unused and enclosed space on your vehicle or anywhere in your home. Why not use that wasted space, and use it for storage?
Toolbox Lid - Our door frames are the perfect fit for your own toolbox, whether it be store made or hand built.

door frame
door frame
door frame
door frame
door frame
door frame
door frame


  • Engineered Aluminum/Steel Powder Coat
  • Fully seam welded on all seams and corners
  • Stainless steel continuous hinge
  • Automotive weather seal
  • Concealed rain gutter
  • Lockable T-handle latch
  • Mounting bolts and nuts included
  • Gas spring on top hinged doors (optional)

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