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Heavy Duty Trailer Storage Box – Mounted Inside or on Top of the Tongue

We build storage boxes and toolboxes for all different types of trailers. Our AFT and AFS series are built especially to fit a-frame trailers. We know that space is at a premium for any type of trailer, but a-frames are especially unique. The tongue of the trailer sits in the very front, and provides a specific space for a storage box to fit in, either inside the tongue, or on top of it. That's why we built this series, in order to specifically fit in a-frame open spaces. You must agree that having a handy and safe place to store your gear or tools at the front of the trailer is a valuable asset to have. The fact that our boxes are weather proof adds to their value. You want a reliable and rugged storage box when you are on the road, when susceptible to any type of weather.

What is an a-frame trailer?
The reason this type of trailer is called an a-frame is because it forms the shape of an A at the front. A-frames are used for a variety of purposes including horse trailers, cargo trailers, camper trailers and utility trailers. A-frames make the trailer especially strong at the front, because of the extra reinforcement.

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Aluminum A-Frame Trailer Tongue Toolboxes
Steel A-Frame Trailer Tongue Tool Boxes

A-Frame Trailer Box Features
High Quality - Heavy Duty
Top Opening Lid
Fully Sealed Weather Stripping
Lift Handle Locking System

A-Frame Trailer Box Options
Aluminum Finish
Diamond Plate Finish
Powder Coated Finish
Steel Finish

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