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We offer hundred of accessories and parts for our toolboxes. Shown below are just a few of them. Contact us for more information or to order.

Toolbox Shelf and Tray Kits

Accessory tray and shelf kits will help organize your toolboxes.

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Tool Box Tray and Shelf Kits Tool Box Tray and Shelf Kits


Plain Shelf for Toolboxes


Chest Box Sliding Trays

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Chestbox Sliding Trays
TC45 Tray
Toolbox - Chest Box Sliding Tray
TC52 Tray


Chain Hanger Kits

This optional Chain Hanger Kit is a must have to keep your chains and chain binders neatly organized, dry, rust free, and at hands reach in your reach-in cab guard cabinet. Unlike the aluminum type that wear out where the chain is hooked to the hanger from that every-day over-the-road abuse, these chain hangers are made of high strength air craft type steel for a lightweight, yet wear resistant durable construction. The sides are reinforced to hold up to the excessive weight of chain and chain binder combinations, while the front security padlockable lid cover prevents the chains from getting lost or stolen.

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Tapered Toolboxes


Open Top Trays

Open Top Trays are welded to the top of high side or underbed mount tool boxes. Many of our customers use them in conjunction with high side tool boxes and ladder racks as they are excellent for storing drops of pipe, wire and other miscellaneous items left over after a job that are still too expensive to throw out.

These open top trays can also be used for storing miscellaneous cargo and tools that don’t need the ultimate protection of some of your other valuables, like shovels, picks, crowbars, ground rods, or fencing equipment or tools, just to mention a few.

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Custom Designed Tool Boxes Custom Designed Tool Boxes


Mounting Brackets

These are just a few examples of the mounting brackets we make. We make both fixed and adjustable mounting brackets for toolboxes.

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Adjustable Toolbox Mounting Brackets
Fixed Mounting Brackets for Toolboxes
Mounting Bracket - Cross Beam
Cross Beam


Miscellaneous Hardware

We sell a multitude of different types of miscellaneous hardware for toolboxes and storage containers. Pictured below are a lock and key assembly, a gas spring, and a surface mount handle.

Lock and Key Assembly for Toolboxes Gas Springs for Toolboxes Surface Mount Handles for Toolboxes



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